Tuesday, 5 February 2013

One Writer's Distractions


  1. A thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else.
  2. A diversion or recreation.

Those who know me well, know that I can be a bit scattered and at times even spinny. I could blame it on the daily adventure of trying to navigate through motherhood in addition to various part-time jobs (not including writing) but to be honest, it is just who I am. Like many of my fellow writers, my mind never shuts off and sometimes the endless reel of thoughts playing in my head gets in the way of life. Everyday distractions do not help and I find myself consistently giving in to these diversions, wasting the precious little time I have to write.

So as of today, or tomorrow, I will do my best to overcome these distractions:
  1. Sneaking Snacks  As the owner of a gift basket company, I have a huge storeroom of all that is good and sweet and chocolate at my disposal and as a conscientious business person, it is my duty to test each product to ensure quality and freshness. So having justified my addiction to chocolate, I get my twins down for a nap and literally race down the stairs to my endless supply of gourmet chocolate. The good thing is, my mind is on high alert after all of that sugar and my fingers just fly across the keyboard. The bad thing is, I have to counteract all that sweetness with a handful of salty chips.
  2. Internet  Whether it's Facebook, KDP, Amazon, hotmail, gmail - it's all the same. Facebook leads to chatting and creeping. KDP leads to obessing. Amazon leads to endless lists and comparisons. Hotmail and Gmail lead to conversations and blog-reading. One thing leads to another and soon an hour has slipped away with NO WRITING. 
  3. 80s Music  When I am completely alone and writer's block hits me, my best cure is to flip on a little Galaxie Remember the 80s and do a few exercises to the tune of Hungry Like a Wolf, Love is a Battlefield, We Got the Beat or I Love Rock and Roll but then things like HGTV or Etalk ask me to stay a little longer than I should - COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.
  4. Obsessing As the mother of six ranging in age from two to twenty-three, I cannot help but worry. With each of them heading in a different directions, I often find my mind doing the same thing, trying to solve everything in my head which of course I cannot do. Maybe that is why I love writing so much. My characters let me think I am in control, that I am in charge of their destiny...for a little while at least.
  5. Singing in the background Now this is a sweet distraction and one I wouldn't change for the world. As my fingers tap away, I am being accompanied by my two-year old son. Running through his repertoire of every song he knows, is his way of falling asleep. His off-key rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is music to my ears and a distraction I welcome!


  1. Distractions are fun. They can attack at some of the most inopportune times.

    1. True, Jon, they can be a lot of fun! When a distraction strikes I need to learn to let go of my writing for awhile. Otherwise I end of frustrated :)