Thursday, 7 February 2013

FREE TODAY "A Thistle in the Mist"

Inspired by  my great-grandmother, Janet Sherriffs Ross, my debut novel, "A Thistle in the Mist" infuses bits and pieces of Grandma's life as a lass in Scotland. From the abuse she suffered at the hands of her stepmother to the loss of her younger sister and her first-born child to her life in Canada as an indentured servant, my great-grandmother endured more than she ever let on. I remember her as a feisty, small, white-haired woman who had a great sense of humour and a huge laugh.

Surrounded by her great-granddaughters, (that's me in the red) her eternal spirit is evident in her twinkling eyes.

Meara MacDonald took shape in my mind ten years ago and evolved and grew into the feisty protagonist featured in my novel.

Packed with passion, mystery, romance, history, lies, deception and a touch of the supernatural, "A Thistle in the Mist" will transport you from the Isle of Skye in Scotland to Nova Scotia, Canada...

Meara isn’t thinking about death, that morning, when she kisses her mother good-bye, but hours later she is, as her fingers slide into the back of Mother’s shattered skull. Empty eyes – the empty eyes of her mother – stare back at her and Meara thinks her world has ended. She has no idea.

Ebullient and feisty, eighteen-year-old Meara MacDonald lives an idyllic life with her family, frisking about the mist-enfolded Isle of Skye atop her horse, dreaming of the day when she will wed her heart, the gallant Duncan MacLeod. But fate has other plans and when Aunt Deirdre and Uncle Sloan seep into their midst, Meara’s family is taken, one-by-one, for reasons she discovers are both personal and nefarious.  Mother is found dead, Da disappears, Duncan is taken by the Napoleonic Wars, Meara’s younger sister, Hannah – with child by Uncle Sloan – takes her own life and while Meara sleeps, her newborn son is snatched from her arms. Unable to reign in her spirit or her tongue, Meara finds herself catapulted from Scotland to a household steeped in mystery in Nova Scotia where, guided by her strength of will, she will fight her way back to the remains of her family; her heart and soul.

FREE TODAY AND TOMORROW (Thursday, February 7th and Friday, February 8th) on Amazon, my e-book can be downloaded at

Book two in this series "Lost to the Mist" is taking shape and will be available August of 2013. Follow me on Facebook to see where your favourite characters will take you this time.

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